The Business Guidance Group, LLC is a company dedicated to helping the small business person realize their business goals and dreams. Watch the video below to see what makes us different.


All in all, having a successful business can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.  We prefer to help you make it easy.  This is how we do that:

  1. We bring an experienced and outside perspective to your business. You may or may not know how to identify what your business problems are. We look at your business through a different glass and bring in knowledge of business models and processes that have worked for similar businesses. We don’t “reinvent the wheel”, we bring you the right wheel for the right situation.
  2. We listen to what you say, want and need. That’s easy to say, but many consulting companies think one size fits all.  Not us. You are unique and your business is unique. We treat our relationship and the help we bring to the table that way too.
  3. We bring a team of experts. No one person can possibly know everything. Once a problem is identified, we bring in the right person with the right expertise for the job.
  4. We look at your business from its inception to today, to tomorrow and through to your exit strategy. Planning for the problems today and tomorrow requires an understanding of where the business came from and where YOU want to go. Setting those plans in place now will prevent more problems in the future and allow you to achieve.

We believe there are several basic and simple concepts that make a successful business:

  1. Do you have a product or service that is in demand?
  2. Do you have the skills to provide that produce or service at the right value?
  3. Can you make a reasonable profit at that market price?
  4. Can you sell enough of your product(s) or service to make the income you need?
  5. Can you increase your business volume / income?

SO, how small do you want Your business to be?  Do you always want to be the person doing the work and not having the time, money or energy to enjoy it?

I can help you identify your goals, your company’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan and strategy to achieve what YOU want from your business.

Let me help “guide you over your business hurdles” and make your business profitable and fun again! Contact Me Today and set up your complimentary 1 hour consultation.

Bud Levey